Top G Apes Mutating Now! Join the Discord! Staking for $Mula and $XRP now! Join the Discord!
Top G Apes Mutating Now! Join the Discord! Staking for $Mula and $XRP now! Join the Discord!

Cash is king…of the jungle!

Money Minded Apes is at the heart of financial enlightenment, launched from the dynamic XRP Ledger. We turn NFTs into gateways for financial savvy, blending art with economic insights. Our previous NFT series have already made waves,, and as we venture into Coreum, Ripple, Xahau nodes, and more, we’re not just part of the digital economy—we’re its architects.

Embark on a journey with us across blockchain realms, where learning is the key to unlocking web3’s riches. Join Money Minded Apes in navigating the vast digital ecosystem and sharpen your financial acumen.

follow our journey through the jungle on X @moneymindedapes

Monkey Business

Minted a collection of 1717 money savvy apes with the Sologenic marketplace

521 Private Jet Apes landed in our early supporters wallets, gassed up and ready to go

Minted 4300 Top G Apes

Dom Apegnon is minted out!! Mutate your Top G Apes with a bot in our discord. You can also DM us on X to request manual mutations.

Ensure our holders look as good as they feel, by offering top-quality merchandise.

Developed and implemented a generous revenue share model with holders of our NFTs. 50% of secondary sale royalties goes to the staking bot, 25% of merch store profits goes to $XRP for staking bot and 25% to community giveaways.

Mula staking implemented! Link your wallet in discord to verify roles, then link with the staking bot to earn $mula!

Allow holders to order merch with their own apes and artwork on and/or add their designs to the store.

For our website to show our Apes from all 3 collections that are listed on any marketplace, along with their info, including for the Top G's, whether it has been mutated or not. Also to show all NFT details and sales history back to original xls14 mint for the Money Minded Genesis Apes.

Currently running Ripple nodes, Xahau nodes, Evernode hosts and Coreum validator

100% Community Owned and Operated!

Board of Apes
The project founders decided to release the wallet keys, website, X account, Discord server, etc to the community members. Minded Apes is now 100% community owned, funded and operated! Several OG members stepped up to take care of administrative tasks and to lead the community to collaborate toward a common goal.

All decisions are discussed and voted on as a community.

Previous decisions included: whether to complete mutations, if members would get to keep the Top G after they mutate it, the total supply of $mula and if it should be a fixed supply and other decisions surrounding the $mula token and distribution including the implementation of a rewards halving plan.

Up next for community discussion: how to implement the halving system for mula rewards, whether to mutate drops 1-5, whether to mint on another chain, what chain(s) to mint, what to mint on those chains, ways to gamify our apes and mula, staking mula to receive xrp or another currency or nft, possible jungle/ape/zoo related themes and traits for future collections, if desired by community.


You can buy the genesis collection here

And the Top G Apes collection can be found here

Money Minded Mutants can be found here

You will need a Xumm wallet to buy your NFT. 

Top G Apes can currently be mutated through our discord in the #mint-mutants channel by typing /mutant mint id: x (where x is the Top G Ape # (not rank) you want to mutate. If you don’t use discord, dm us on X and we can mint it manual until we add that feature to the website.

Only Top G Apes can be mutated. For now…..👀

50% of secondary sale royalties gets paid out to holders of 10+ Apes through a staking bot as $XRP in our discord. $mula is now being distributed too! You may be able to use it to mint NFTs, join raffles, order custom merch pieces at a discount and add your item to the public store if you want. Trustline to $mula required to earn staking rewards. Whitepaper can be found here.

Speaking of merch, after tax, 25% of proceeds goes to buy XRP for the staking bot, 25% goes to mmavault.xrp, 25% goes to mmagives.xrp for future community giveaways and 25% goes to build mma.

On top of that, we’re working on building a community of builders, and our vision is to create cool utilities and experiences together around a jungle, ape, banana theme. Simply put, we want to build cool stuff online with our friends and help each other increase and preserve our wealth doing it.

*$mula token is not an investment into Money Minded Apes, is not an investment contract and may have no economic value.

Owning a minimum of 10 apes/mutants total including at least 1 from the original issuer (from drop 1-5, Private Jet Apes or Xwar is required.

Link your wallet with the XRP Minded Ape and Mula Minded Ape bots in the #xrp-minded-apes and #mula-minded-apes channels in our discord by typing /link with the appropriate bot and sign with Xaman.

The bots take a daily holder snapshot and each bot calculates and allocates rewards to linked wallets based on their unlisted holdings. You can claim daily or stack them and claim periodically by returning to the server and typing /rewards claim with each bot. 

Trustline to $mula required to be set to receive staking rewards

Top G Apes Mutating Now! Join the Discord! Staking for $Mula and $XRP now! Join the Discord!
Top G Apes Mutating Now! Join the Discord! Staking for $Mula and $XRP now! Join the Discord!


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