Top G Apes Mutating Now! Join the Discord! Top G Apes Mutating Now! Join the Discord!
Top G Apes Mutating Now! Join the Discord! Top G Apes Mutating Now! Join the Discord!

Cash is king…of the jungle!

And education is your 🔑 to making and keeping more of it. Money Minded Apes are swinging onto the XRP Ledger to make sure you know it. Our Apes are designed to display the many faces of financial brilliance. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and these Apes had to earn it. They’ve gone from tree to tree, and all the way to web3. Are you going to join them?

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Monkey Business

Minted a collection of 1717 money savvy apes with the Sologenic marketplace

521 Private Jet Apes landed in our early supporters wallets, gassed up and ready to go

Minted 4300 Top G Apes

Dom Apegnon is minting now and we are currently mutating Top G Apes within our Discord

Merch drop

Ensure our holders look as good as they feel, by offering top-quality merchandise.

100% Community Owned and Operated!

Board of Apes

Money Minded Apes is now 100% community owned, funded and operated! A few OG members stepped up to take care of administrative tasks and to lead the community to collaborate toward a common goal.

The community has voted to move forward with development of the Mutants!! The artwork has been completed and is being uploaded to Ardrive for permanent storage. NFTs are now being minted and delivered via a Ticketing system within discord. 

The Discord server is about to receive some love for the channel structure, roles setup, etc. The community must then vote on the next priority task, some tasks in the running are an AI Trading Bot, the distribution and utility surrounding the $mula token, implementation of royalty share with holders from the secondary sales, mutation of the Money Minded Apes Genesis collections and/or game development. 
Join us in Discord to vote on community direction!


You can buy the genesis collection here

And the Top G Apes collection can be found here

You will need a Xumm wallet to buy your NFT. 

You will need to hold a Top G Ape and exchange one Dom Apegnon to claim one mutant ape. 

Only Top G Apes can be mutated. For now…..👀

Once we hit Phase 2, all apes will start raking in $MULA. You can use it to mint free NFTs, join raffles, buy items from our merch store, etc.

On top of that, we’re working on building a community of ‘Hustlers’, and our vision is to create cool utilities and experiences around that.

*$MULA token is not an investment into Money Minded Apes, is not an investment contract and may have no economic value.


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